Max People s.r.o.

Together we will achieve success.

About company

Max People s.r.o. is a modern and fast growing company providing services in the Human Resources consulting and temporary work.

We are operating on the Czech market from the middle of the year 2010.

Max People allocate its offer to both job and work experience seekers and employers offering work. We created our company to the most optimal fit together job seekers and potential employers. Our ultimate goal is to find the best employers and assuagement their needs, by providing the best professionals in the market. So we take care about satisfaction and success of employees and customers. The result of our actions is a worker employed in a good company who is happy with his work, and has awareness that his employer is developing through his work.

Our main values

Commitment and passion - this what we do, so working with people is our passion, and it allows us to be fully involved in projects

Professionalism - we use proven and effective operating procedures and our team is highly qualified specialists in their fields; the results of our work, which is often performed under a lot of pressure, can surprise even the most demanding customers

Cooperation and trust - our actions are aimed at achieving full satisfaction of our customers and employees; we treat each project individually - both in case of the expectations of the employer to find suitable candidates, and then the appropriate combination thereof; recruitment processes and outsourcing projects, carried out by us, are covered guarantee of confidentiality. We treat our customers, candidates and employees as equal partners, and their trust is most valuable for us.