Max People s.r.o.

Together we will achieve success.


Max People ast he temporary work agency offers:

  • complex organization of the process of hiring temporary workers
  • recruitment and selection process of employees
  • HR administration and payroll service

The proposed model of cooperation will bring you the following benefits:

  • flexibility of employment – it allows to react quickly to any changes on the market without the need to bind with them with permanent contracts
  • relief for the HR department in terms of duties related to recruitment and administration of employees
  • reduction of time and costs connected with recruitment process
  • no risk of temporary staff forming trade unions

Max People as HR constulting Agency offers:

  • Customers recruitment needs analysis
  • job position profile creation
  • preparation and publication of advertisements in selected portals
  • candidates aplication analysis
  • inteview with selected candidates
  • analysis of professional competences of candidate in the skills expected by the Customer, using innovative tools, including tests of competence and Asessment Center
  • preparation of competence and personality profiles of selected candidates

What set us apart from the competitors?

  • high standards of work quality
  • flexibility and individual approach to each customer and the recruitment process
  • timeliness – keeping agreed deadlines and full realization of the orders, which are priority for us, because mainly from this depends the satisfaction of our customers
  • using the most effective recruitment methods and tools, which are our own manual tests, competency tests and Assessment Center
  • constant and easy contact with Max Power coordinator, which is dedicated to cooperate with particular customers and remains ready to serve with advice and assistance
  • low price in respect to the high quality of the work performed
  • everyday reporting of temporary employees work
  • each recruitment process, even on the lowest position, is run on the basis of the procedures and standards